Greg Cooper
Expert LinkedIn Coach

My name is Greg Cooper and I am a LinkedIn Coach and Trainer based in Bristol, UK. I teach businesses how to use LinkedIn more effectively to find, win and keep customers. My clients are small and medium sized businesses from 1-250 employees across a range of industries and sectors. Most of my customers are within a 100mile radius of Bristol, where I live, although I will work UK wide and internationally. I have worked online with clients in Paris, Stuttgart, Chicago and Tennessee. 

You could be finding and winning more business through LinkedIn.
I can show you how. 

Wherever you are at with LinkedIn, beginner to old hand, one-person business or responsible for managing a sales team, I can show you or your team how to get better results more quickly.

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Which LinkedIn Course is right for you?

LinkedIn Essentials MasterClass

One day public course.  This small group workshop (8 people max) is a great opportunity to introduce yourself to LinkedIn and/or to re-focus and re-energise your LinkedIn activity.

“Greg’s LinkedIn masterclass did exactly what it said on the tin! I thought I was pretty clued up on how to use LinkedIn but came away from the day with a head full of information and a book full of actions – always a good sign after a day’s training.”

 Saranne Postans |
Director, Tandem Communications and Coaching

Target Audience: Business owners, managers and sales people from small and medium sized business.


Bespoke In-House  Courses

In-house tailor made courses for specific teams e.g. sales, marketing, senior management or as in the example below a broader approach aimed at encouraging employees to share the business’s content though LinkedIn and other social media.

“We approached Greg to help us to leverage employee engagement in sharing content and reaching a wider audience with our key messages. Greg ran a series of in-house small groups workshops with key stakeholders – about 60 staff in total. We found this to be of great value in educating our staff to the powerful benefits that LinkedIn offers. Greg continues to support the group through a private LinkedIn group”

  Susie Parker | Digital Marketing Mgr, Bristol Chamber of Commerce

Target Audience: Sales teams from 3-30 people. (Workshop is scheduled as two/three separate sessions)


Social Selling/Sales Navigator

Sales is changing. 90% of decision makers say they don’t respond to cold outreach and 60% of the buyer journey is typically complete before the buyer engages with a supplier. LinkedIn and the optional Sales Navigator prospecting tool provide ways for savvy sales people to find and engage the buyer at the earliest stage in the cycle when the buyer is still gathering information – or even before.

In only about 6 months since Greg trained our team to use LinkedIn effectively, I can only say that the results have been astonishing and I would heartily recommend Greg to any business team looking to use social media to reach more clients. Greg has always been there for us since the training too and frequently offers tips and insights along the way.

  Gary Herbert | MD, Coveya Ltd

Target Audience: Sales teams from 3-30 people. (Workshop is scheduled as two/three separate sessions)


LinkedIn – Overview in 2020


Worldwide in 2020, there are 706m LinkedIn members in 200 countries. In the UK, there are 29m and 320,000 here in my home City of Bristol. Sixty percent of the UK 60% of UK users are male and 40% women. 

  The most active age demographic is 30-49 years, 87% of LinkedIn users also have a Facebook profile. The age limit for a LinkedIn account is 13 years in the UK and 14 years in the US. One thousand four hundred and seventy-one people list hugs as a skill.


Broadly speaking individuals use LinkedIn for professional networking, fostering their professional identity, and keeping abreast of industry news. For salespeople, LinkedIn is a direct source of new opportunities.


LinkedIn is the most trustworthy and widely adopted online platform by businesses of all sizes. It’s the first port of call when a buyer is checking out a potential supplier. Seventy-five percent of buyers use social media to be informed about vendors.

  Having a credible LinkedIn presence is not just a good idea it is an essential step in engaging buyers. And for sales teams, LinkedIn provides a direct shortcut to find and reach out to their ideal prospects.