Tap into the marketing potential of your own employees …

Increasingly businesses are recognising that after customers, employers are their best advocates. Tapping into your employees and partners’ social networks will bring your business to the attention of a much wider audience than the business could ever have reached on its own. For B2B businesses LinkedIn and Twitter are two of the most important platforms.
Let’s take the example of a medium sized company employing 200 people…

According to Statista.com 53% of LinkedIn users have networks greater than 500 connections. Let’s assume that 50% of our example company employees are willing to join the initiative and the average number of their connections is 400, straight away we have created a virtual community of some 40,000 people and that’s not counting Twitter or Facebook networks.

What’s more, anything your employees and partner share with their own network tends to have greater impact than if it came directly from a marketing source.

The immediate benefits are more web traffic, increased social interaction and a higher profile for the business which in turn will inevitably result in more sales opportunities and reduced recruitment costs.

Client Feedback about the course…

“We engaged Greg to carry out a series of social media training session for a variety of Directors and staff during July 2015.

Greg carried out extensive research on both ourselves and the construction industry prior to the workshops and ensured the training delivered was relevant and focused.  The feedback for all who participated was extremely positive”.

Mark Beard Chief Executive
Beard – National award winning construction company

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