LinkedIn is the number one professional business network with more than 22 million users in the UK (250k+ in Bristol alone) – a giant CRM system which is both more accurate and contains more in-depth information than almost all in-house systems.

Through LinkedIn, you can find, connect and engage with your target audience quickly and easily. This small group workshop (8 people max) is a great opportunity to re-focus and re-energise your LinkedIn activity.

What this course will teach you…

•  Why LinkedIn is an essential tool for all B2B businesses
• The big picture – who uses LinkedIn and why
•  Responding to the rise of the social buyer
•  Effective strategies to use LinkedIn in your specific markets
•  How to optimise your profile to get found ahead of your competitors
•  How to promote your brand on LinkedIn
•  How to build and save precisely targeted lists
•  How to make the right connections
•  Why endorsements and recommendations are important
•  How, what, where and when to post to create engagement
•  How to network in groups
•  How to build both individual relationships and communities
•  How to publish successfully on LinkedIn
•  How businesses like yours are using LinkedIn to generate bottom-line results
•  How to reach outside your networks with LinkedIn advertising
•  How to measure success
•  The importance of developing a LinkedIn habit

Course Details

Duration: One-day course 
Target Audience: Business owners, managers, and salespeople from small and medium-sized businesses.
Venue: This course is now delivered online as a live small group training (maximum of 8 delegates).
Delegate Requirements:  Delegates are requested to use a laptop or tablet for this session,  as we will be doing some hands-on exploring of LinkedIn during the workshop.

NB: Includes unlimited post-training support to answer ongoing questions you may have.

What clients are saying about the course…

“A few months after completing Front of Mind’s LinkedIn half-day course and revamping my personal page and company page, a new client found us through a simple search. That client ended up taking a large maintenance contract with us and commissioned a rebuild of their in-house FileMaker system worth around £100k. To say we are delighted is an understatement.”

Joe Green, Director of New Business, iGeek Ltd

“I have just attended Greg’s one-day LinkedIn Master-Class which was a revelation to somebody just starting out to get to grips with the practical and effective use of LinkedIn. There are plenty of self-styled social media ‘gurus’ out there but Greg is the real deal. He is deeply knowledgeable but can communicate his knowledge effortlessly no matter what the listener’s level of experience. I was a beginner in a group of active users and not once did I feel overwhelmed or left behind even though we covered a lot of material. Equally, the others were kept engaged throughout. This is a rare talent!”

Philip Avery, The Business Mechanic, management consultant

Find new customers with LinkedIn

Participants on LinkedIn Master Class

Available on demand in 2021

Cost: £299 (£249 early bird booking) 

 All workshops are currently being delivered online. The content is exactly the same as the in-person workshop.

For the last six years I have been delivering these courses every 6 weeks. In 2021 I will be focusing more heavily on in-house bespoke courses and I will run public Master Classes on a meet the need basis.

NB: Please call for information about one to one LinkedIn coaching 07917 360222.