Social selling is a brave new world with LinkedIn being the defacto online meeting place for buyers and salespeople.  The buying process has changed. Typically, 60% of the buyer’s journey is complete before they engage with a supplier.

To influence the decision salespeople must now find ways to build relationships with buyers at the earliest opportunity, even before the buyer has identified a need. Seventy-five percent of B2B buyers now use their social networks to inform purchase decisions. By developing a strong online presence and sharing and interacting with buyers as a subject expert the savvy salesperson builds trust and ensures that they will be the first port of call when a need arises.

This content-based selling strategy has become known as social selling. LinkedIn is the social seller’s greatest asset. It gives the B2B salesperson unprecedented visibility and access to buyers and provides a rich mine of information about the buyers’ background and preferences which can be used to establish relationships.

What this course will teach you…

Typically, the social selling training is a tailored in-company training for the inside or field sales teams, delivered over two sessions one or two weeks apart.
Salespeople will learn how to leverage LinkedIn and other social networks like Twitter to:

• Find opportunities in new and existing accounts
•  Gather intelligence about the prospect and their business
•  Develop a tailored sales approach which results in
•  Meaningful engagement and ultimately a collaborative buying process
Free post-training support is available through a private LinkedIn group.

Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator is LinkedIn’s proprietary prospecting solution, an extra module that bolts onto the standard LinkedIn product.

Originally it was only available for companies with 25 or more salespeople. More recently it is available to everyone. Sales Navigator may or may not be the right tool for your business.

The workshop can be designed around LinkedIn’s standard product, Sales Navigator or as an opportunity to evaluate both approaches.

Course Details

Duration: 2-3 sessions on different days
Target Audience: Sales teams of approx 3-30 people
Venue: On-site
Delegate Requirements: Delegates are invited to bring a laptop, tablet or smartphone as there will be opportunities to explore LinkedIn online during the workshop.
NB: Includes unlimited post-training support to answer ongoing questions you may have.

Client Feedback about the course…

“In only about 6 months since Greg trained our team to use LinkedIn effectively, I can only say that the results have been astonishing and I would heartily recommend Greg to any business team looking to use social media to reach more clients. Greg has always been there for us since the training too and frequently offers tips and insights along the way.”

Gary Herbert, MD,
Coveya Ltd

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